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Shimano’s exciting new Sephia Clinch Flash Boost and Rattle series of squid jigs have been creating quite a lot of talk around the traps, and even more so given we’re entering the prime squidding months of the year in many areas around the country.
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Our Guide To Fishing Tackle & Gear
Our Guide To Fishing Tackle & GearThis section of the site talks exclusively about fishing tackle – the different equipment they we anglers simply can’t manage without. As well as giving an overview of the various types of tackle, we’ll give ideas and opinions on the gear you might need for each alt
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11 - 03
The 10 Best Fishing Tips Every Angler Should Know
When it comes to giving tips about fishing, most people, and websites as well, tend to focus more on mechanics, rather than generalities. By generalities, I am talking about the basics, and common-sense. A fish has a brain the size of a pea, so it’s not that hard to out-smart them. Almost everything they do is instinctual and reactive. A fish can’t count, so having too many, or not enough spots on your lure will probably not make much difference. Colors, on the other hand, are things fish can see and relate to, but only to a certain extent. Bait size can be an issue at times, with some species of fish, but not an insurmountable one. Basically, a fish has a split second or two to decide to eat, or not to eat something, before another fish snaps it up, so unless something is very obvious, it will not keep a fish from biting most of the time. As a rule, with most fish, if you show up at the right place, at the right time, with a bait similar in color and size to what those fish are used t
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