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Why do people find fun in fishing when it is so passive?

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Why do people find fun in fishing when it is so passive?

There are quite a few reasons that I enjoy fishing and most of it has nothing to do with actually catching fish.

-Simply being outdoors on a beautiful lake, stream, or the ocean.
-What you call boring, I call relaxing. Clearing my mind of all other worries and it being  just about me against the fish can be cathartic.
-Getting away from work and the responsibilities of family life for a while.
-The hunt. Using the skills I've developed over the years to figure out where the fish are and what they will bite on.
-The anticipation.  Many Americans find  soccer and baseball to be boring. I've always found them to exciting due to  the anticipation. The constantly being on the edge of your seat knowing that  a goal or run can come suddenly out of seemingly nowhere. Fishing is like that, it's filled with anticipation. You may make 100 casts and on any one of them you could suddenly find yourself battling a fish, sometimes a big one.  You never know what is going to happen on any cast. 

-The education. Learning about the habits of certain species, where they hang out under certain conditions and what they are likely to be feeding on.
-The camaraderie. Spending time with friends and family in an atmosphere you can chat about life, politics, fishing, whatever it is that friends talk about.
-The solitude. Fishing alone where it's just me, my thoughts, the fish and nature.

And some things that actually have to do with catching fish.
-The fight. When you get a big fish on your line it can very exciting and  quite a battle to bring the fish in before it breaks your line or simply shakes off the hook. 
-Occasionally keeping the catch and having a dinner of fish far fresher than anything you can get in the supermarket. 

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