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Why Are Tides Important when Surf Fishing?

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Why Are Tides Important when Surf Fishing?


A knowledge of the workings and effects of tides on fishing is important as it means less time wasted at the beach waiting for fish. That said, we will have a brief look at the science side of tides, then get into how it affects the fish type and movement.

The Basic Science of Tides


Tides are defined as the rise and fall of the sea level. They are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun and follow a lunar timetable as the moon has more influence on the sea level due to its relatively close distance to the earth.

The magnitude of the tide depends on the position of the sun relative to the moon. Spring tides usually happen on new and full moon phases, when the sun and moon are on the same side of the earth. During this time, tides rise and fall higher and lower than during the first or last quarter seasons. When they are on opposite sides, the tide is usually lower.

Floodtide is the name given to a rising tide as water moves towards land. Ebbtide is when the tide is falling and water flows away from land while slack tide is when there are no currents so the tide is not moving in either way. The high-low movements take place at different times of the day, which vary according to location. For a detailed timetable of the tides in your area, check this out.

How Do Tides Affect the Fish?


The to and fro movement of water affect deep-sea fishing as well, but shallow waters feel a stronger impact. During an incoming tide, there is a minimal current so small baitfish such as bluefish, weakfish, striped bass, and channel bass are most active. During this floodtide, tiny organisms that serve as food to fish are washed ashore, luring the fish. It is at this time that you get to see larger game fish coming in to make their move. The smaller fish often scatter and can’t use the current to escape predator fish.

As the day goes by, the tides become larger and larger. These stronger currents prompt more fish into feeding as they pull food and other organisms from the sea bed into water columns and beaches giving you a better opportunity to catch something. The high tides also pull foods from the beaches to the sea. It is also during these times that most sea creatures mate and/or give birth so there is lots of planktonic food for other fish.

As night approaches, the larger predators come out to hunt close to the surface, presenting you with an opportunity you that wasn’t available during the day.

It is quite common to see anglers fishing when there is a full moon in the middle of the night. The full moon brings with it higher tides and more active fishes, making it the perfect time to take your rod and reel for a spin.



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