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Shimano’s exciting new Sephia Clinch Flash Boost and Rattle series of squid jigs have been creating quite a lot of talk around the traps, and even more so given we’re entering the prime squidding months of the year in many areas around the country.


It’s officially tube time, so how can you cash-in on the fun this season with armed with some cool new Clinch jigs?



Firstly a point of difference to note with the Sephia Clinch Flash Boost jigs is the Flash Boost technology itself, which is a real game changer, and separates these jigs from the pack when it comes to tempting inkers.


Flash Boost is an internal mirror in the jig that constantly moves and flashes when the jig is in use due to kinetic energy, emitting eye-catching flashes, similar to what would naturally occur when a silver flanked fish reflects the sun. Think flickering bait schools or wounded fish, where these flashes could very much give them away to any lurking predators. Squid are looking for these signals and will soon be coming your way to check out this beacon of fishy light. These regular flashes will both draw in squid from surrounding areas, and also get them to commit to eating readily, given your jig will be looking like a distressed baitfish and easy pickings.



The Sephia Clinch Rattle plays on another vital bite trigger, and predator attractant – namely sound. With ball filled chambers that are near-constantly rattling, and combined with high contrast colours sure to stand out in whatever water or light conditions you’re fishing they’re squid poison and complement the Flash Boost well in your jig wallet.


Both the Flash Boost and Rattle are not only deadly in full sun, given the many glowing parts they’re already proving great on the darkest of nights or during low light conditions, which are peak squid feeding times in certain locations.




Squidding is all about simplicity, and it’s the low fuss, yet productive nature of this fishing that draws countless fishos to it. When you can get a bucket full of tubes with only a rod and reel, small selection of jigs and some leader, it’s easy to see the appeal!


Outfit selection for working your Flash Boost and Rattle jigs should be centred around a light, balanced Shimano setup that casts well and lets you spice up your jigs with some enticing tip rips and flicks, making these jig dance while also best utilising their catching features.



You can getaway with most rod lengths for squid, but anything between 6’ 6” to 7’ 2” or so is a safe starting point. Something like the Shimano Jewel 721 1-4kg or Zodias 270UL paired with a 1000 to 2500 Stradic for example is perfect. There’s a bunch of combos possible in this size/weight range.

Power Pro braid between 2-5kg will be ample. Usually the lighter the better unless you’ll be needing to forcefully remove jigs from thick weed and the like often. Similar applies to leader strength. Rather than start super light like you would for bream, consider 4-5kg Ocea Fluorocarbon, which will provide a balance between stealth and getting your new Clinch Flash Boost or Rattle back from the point of no return!



Nitty-gritty items that can make your squid efforts more enjoyable and productive include storage systems like Shimano’s Egi Case and Sephia Egi Pouch, which perfectly display your Flash Boost and Rattle jigs, allowing quick size and colour changes if needed, while also offering great protection for the prongs on the jigs and easy drying/cleaning of your jigs for storage.

A spare spool of leader, and quality braid/leader snips like Shimano’s JDM Pliers or new Power PE Braid Scissors will round out the basic requirements. If you don’t back yourself to deadlift your squid into your boat, rock ledge or up the side of a jetty, then consider an Environet or a dedicated extendable squid gaff if you need extra reach.



Basic squid techniques hold true for this new crop of jigs, while you can also introduce a few -out-of-the-norm tactics as well given the additional features they come with. The Clinch Flash Boost jig for instance is proving effective even when it’s doing next to nothing along side your boat, or when brought to a standstill by the angler as the mirror is still flashing and working for you. So if you’re running out of room on the retrieve and you’ve got a squid nearby don’t be afraid to fish these jigs near static. Similarly the Rattle jig noise factor can trick the tentative followers into having a grab even when you’re not using an overly erratic retrieve.


For bulk casting you’re mostly working your jig in the typical manner, which is as close to the seafloor as possible, with the odd flick to bring your jig to life. Slow and steady ‘knocking on the door’ until someone answers! At night around jetty lights for instance, or around bait schools, you may want to look at more mid-water retrieves when the squid can be higher up in the water column actively feeding.



Remember to play around with colours until you find a couple that are getting slammed. There’s a lot of theories, but if you do enough of it you’ll see nearly any colour combo work at anytime I’m sure just to ensure you have a few variations tucked away in your Egi Case at all times! Try natural and darker colours in bright conditions, and more glary colours/glow in low light as a starting point.  


On the drift, using your electric motor, from a jetty or rock ledge, wherever or however youre attacking your local squid population were sure youll find a Sephia Clinch Flash Boost or Rattle jig that will help boost your catch rate on these tentacled treats!




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