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FISHING LINE GUIDE: Choosing the Best Braid

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When compared to nylon monofilament fishing line, braided polyethylene (PE) fishing line – known simply as "braid" – provides specific benefits to almost every fishing situation, and opens the door to other angling opportunities. Check out the handy braid line guide below to find the best line for you and the fish you like to catch.



Power Pro

Power Pro is a versatile, durable and time-tested braided fishing line. Power Pro is suitable for all types of fishing, including: freshwater, estuary, inshore, offshore and game fishing with spinning and conventional or baitcaster reels. Power Pro is a four-carrier (or four-strand) braid made in the USA from quality, 100% Spectra fibres and is available in moss green (best suited to bait fishing) or hi-vis yellow (best suited to lure fishing). Power Pro is great for all anglers and skill levels; beginner to expert.



Power Pro Super Slick V2

Power Pro Super Slick V2 has been re-engineered for increased toughness. Super Slick V2 utilises a dense, eight-carrier weave construction to deliver a smoother line than standard Power Pro. Super Slick V2 also offers increased abrasion toughness. Super Slick V2 is best suited to lure fishing for hard-fighting fish like barramundi, mulloway, mangrove jack and Murray cod. Super Slick V2 is available in a new "Moonshine" colour that glows under black light for night fishing.



Kairiki 4

Kairiki 4 is an affordable, Japanese-made, four-carrier braid with a smooth finish and a reduced diameter. This low stretch, long casting braid is an excellent choice for finesse fishing, where smoothness, sensitivity and castability is fundamental. Kairiki 4 is a great fishing line for all anglers and skill levels and is available from 6lb to 50lb in a hi-vis orange colour.



Kairiki 8

Kairiki 8 is a Japanese-made, eight-carrier braid incorporating premium PE fibres, resulting in a smoother finish and reduced diameter. The casting performance of the line is significantly improved as the smooth finish creates less friction through the guides and cast noise is also reduced. Kairiki 8 is suitable for all lure fishing purposes and is available in hi-vis yellow, mantis green and a multi colour for jigging and deep water fishing.



OCEA 8 Premium PE

OCEA 8 utilises Shimano’s exclusive Tough Cross braiding method – creating a tighter fibre structure – making it more stable, easier to manage and extremely abrasion resistant. Shimano's Heat Sink coating has been developed and applied to the line to reduce concentration of heat from guide and drag pressure on the line. The Izanas fibre used in OCEA 8 delivers a super-strong and tough braid, best suited to saltwater casting and jigging for hard-fighting species like trevally, kingfish and tuna.


Power Pro Depth Hunter

Power Pro Depth Hunter is a four-carrier braid made in the USA from quality, 100% Spectra fibres and changes colour from blue to yellow, to green to orange, and has a black mark every five feet. These colour markings assist anglers to deliver super accurate lure and bait placement. Power Pro Depth Hunter is particularly useful for deep water and reef fishing, for species like snapper, kingfish, coral trout and red emperor.



Power Pro Hollow Ace

Power Pro Hollow Ace is a specialised, American-made, hollow core braided line for creating knot-less nylon monofilament "top shots", popular among game fishers using conventional tackle. Power Pro Hollow Ace utilises a 16-carrier Spectra fibre construction, providing superior connection strength, abrasion resistance and a high strength to diameter ratio. The hollow design allows for undetectable line splices.


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