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Best Times to Fish

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Best Times to Fish

Learn the best times to fish per season, the best fishing times during the day, why the fishing calendar is a great tool to find the best fishing days, what to look for in your local daily fishing forecast, and more.


Too many hot days in the summer can make fish in shallow lakes, ponds and rivers sluggish. The same thing happens in the winter when water temperatures are lower. Why? All fish are cold-blooded. Meaning they can't keep their body temperature at a constant level like humans and other warm-blooded animals. So the temperature of their surroundings influences the fish's body temperature and bodily functions. Really high and really low water temperatures reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, making fish less active and picky about when and what they.

So, lesson one in determining the best fishing times and best  tide to fish : avoid extreme temperatures. Fish are much harder to find when it's too hot or too cold. Understanding this bit of biology can also help you decide what kinds of lures and baits to use, and how fast or slow to work them. Work your tackle slower in colder water and faster in warm water. 

Go Fishing Early in the Morning

Fish prefer early morning and evening sun to the bright sun of midday. Morning sun warms the shallows, creating more comfortable water temperatures for fish to feed. Late morning is best when the sun has had more of a chance to warm the shallows. This is particularly true during early spring in shallows with dark or mud bottoms because dark areas absorb heat more rapidly than light sandy bottoms.

Late Morning to Afternoon

In midday, hot water surface temperature, decreased surface oxygen and occasional increasing winds cause fish to move deeper. In these conditions, deep fishing baits, rigs  and lures are best. Already, you can see how a combination of time of day, light and weather can affect your fishing.

Afternoon to Dusk

Warm water temperatures make bait fish more active and available to game fish on cool early-spring days. On hot sunny days, fish move to cooler, deeper waters to stay comfortable. High-heat conditions make shallow and top water lures and fishing bait  best only in the early morning and late afternoon when cooler temperatures and lower light levels allow fish to cruise the shallows for meals. For determining the best fishing times: avoid bright sunlight when possible.



Wind can play a large role in when to fish and your fishing success. Wind pushes water and surface food to the far shore, with bait fish behind it, and with game fish behind the bait fish. So if you're shore fishing on a windy day, fish where you have to cast into the wind. That way your lure moves with the wind, just like the other food in the lake at the same time. If you're fishing from a boat, cast with the wind on a sheltered shore.


Storms and changing weather patterns affect fishing success since fish are keenly attuned to changes in barometric conditions. With many fish, feeding increases during the hours immediately before a cold front, but slows during and after a storm or front hits.

Fishing after a cold front is poor and continues to be poor for a day or two. Warm fronts cause surface water temperatures to increase, putting fish into a feeding mode. This can be particularly true in the winter, when a warming trend can cause otherwise sluggish fish to start feeding actively. Most of this feeding activity is on or near the warm surface.


Cloudy days improve fishing since the clouds prevent light penetration. Overcast skies signal when to fish because they cause fish to cruise for food more than they would during bright days when they tend to hide and stay close to structure. On overcast, cloudy days, fish are less likely to be at specific structure spots or areas and more likely to be scattered throughout a waterway.


A light rain is one of the best times to fish, especially during a warm spring or summer rain. Rain can help you hide from the fish since the rain breaks up the view a fish has through the water surface. This is true for shore, wade or boat fishing. Rain also washes insects and fishing bait into the water, creating a feeding binge for fish.


Hard rain conditions are a poor time to fish. A hard rain muddies the water, makes it difficult for fish to find bait or lures and causes heavy runoff, which can clog their gills. The increased water flow in rivers from any rain increases current flow and makes it difficult for fish to maintain a comfortable position in the river. High water levels can also create rapids, waves and unsafe fishing conditions.

Now that you know the best fishing times during different seasons, check your state's fishing regulations, consult your local daily fishing forecast  for current conditions – coastal states often also include information about the best saltwater fishing times  and freshwater fishing times  – purchase your fishing license online and get ready for the fun!


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