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Sourcing the best fishing reels is something of a challenge in the modern internet age.

And yet it is one of the most important acts a budding fisherman can take when putting together his fishing gear.

The right reel is essential to ensure a good days fishing. Whether you are fishing for salmon, swordfish or snapper there are quite a few options out there.

Making the right choice can certainly be daunting, if this is your first forray into the world of fishing reels.

The fishing reel is, at first sight, a complicated piece of kit and wading through all the marketing garbage online can wear you down.

That being said, here at Go Get a Fish, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience over the years and we feel confident in recommending our best fishing reels.

Those that made our list have been selected on their performance across a number of key characteristics.

But before we get to our recommended best fishing reels, allow us to give you, the novice angler, a brief background as to fishing reels.


The Basics of Fishing Reels--A Little Bit of History

Ask a fishing historian and he will tell you that the fishing reel was invented in the Song Dynasty by the plucky Chinese. They were quite the inventive bunch back then (less so now) and the earliest depiction of a fishing reel can be seen in the painting Angler on a Wintry Lake by Ma Yuan from around 1195 AD.

The English later got in on the act in 1650 AD and subsequently fishing reels started to appear in London shops by the 1760s. Then the Americans got involved in the reel business in 1820 and from there fishing reels really took off in popularity. Over the years many reels mutated and developed bringing us to the modern day array of reels.


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