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     There are three main types of fishing reels, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a brief explanation of the types to help you choose the right one for your fishing needs.




     Often referred to as a “closed-face reel,” this is the easiest to cast and also the least expensive. For beginners, or if you’re on a budget, this reel is for you.  It’s very easy to use and makes fishing very simple. It’s what I started with, and what most anglers still start with today. A rod-and-reel combo such as the Shakespeare Catch More Fish series is a great place to start.



     Commonly referred to as an “open-face reel," a spinning reel excels at  throwing lightweight lures on light line. This is often the second rod-and-reel combo that anglers use as they start to advance their skills. A spinning reel works great with today’s new braided lines, which are thin and strong and make a spinning combo quite capable. On the downside, line twist and slack left in the line can result in big snarls or tangles. So pay close attention to your line when using a spinning reel. If you’re new to spinning reels, start with an Abu Garcia Black Max reel. For more hard-core bassers, try the Abu Garcia Revo SX series for longer casts and smoother retrieves.



     This is the preferred rod-and-reel combo of most pros and hard-core bass heads. A bait casting reel has extra cranking power to retrieve larger lures and bring in bigger fish. In addition, an experienced caster can feather the line spool with their thumb and land the bait in precise locations. A bait casting reel takes a bit of experience to learn how to cast, so it’s best to learn good casting technique with the spinning or spin-cast reel before graduating to a baitcaster. A bad cast results in what’s called a backlash, or a bad tangle, and if it’s bad enough you might have to cut out the entire spool of line and replace it. In the past, baitcasting reels were much harder to tune and cast, but new advanced brakes make reels like the models in Abu Garcia's Revo series much easier to use. When you’re ready for your first baitcaster, try an Abu Garcia Max reel or an Abu Garcia Revo X.  Once you feel comfortable with a baitcast reel, you can upgrade to a higher-performance reel like the Abu Garcia Revo STX.


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